We have nothing to lose and a world to see

About Us


Hi, welcome to our little space in the Internet! We created this blog to chronicle our adventures together and share with you the things we enjoy most: spending time with each other, being active, and exploring new places. We decided to name this blog “The Forever Endeavor” because our dreams are to be in a constant state of travel – whether that’s by RV, plane, boat, bicycle, or foot! Please read on to learn a little more about each of us…

*Because writing a self-bio can sometimes be difficult, we decided to write each others…

Tony (written by Sarah)

Tony is the freaking best. Seriously. I don’t know anyone who has met him that hasn’t come away with a stomach ache from laughing so much…and also being amazed at how incredibly intelligent he is. During the day he is a software developer for an awesome tech company, but by night he lives and breathes cycling. His hope with buying an RV is to expand the number of rides and races he can participate in within the States and, hopefully, get to do the same when we travel abroad. He is an incredibly kind husband and selfless dog-dad, always putting us before himself and making sure Chewy and I are happy

What did I tell you? The freaking best, right?!

Sarah (written by Tony)

Sunshine, happiness, and laughter are the three best words to describe Sarah. When she is not cuddling on the couch with Chewy and me, you can find her running outside, smiling from ear to ear, or having a good ‘ole belly-laugh. Her passion for the outdoors and travel has taken her to the exotic beaches of Hawaii, the snowy mountains of Colorado, and the crystal clear waters of Florida and I know she is incredibly excited about the adventurous life that awaits her!


Chewy is our foster failure and faithful Road Warrior. Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with that phrase, “foster failure” is a positive expression. It means that he came to our home as a foster pup and, after falling in love with him, we adopted him into our forever family. He first came to our home to recover from multiple surgeries after being found on the streets of Houston, TX. We don’t know his whole story, but know that when he was found his hair was completely matted and covered with fleas and ticks and had to undergo 3 major surgeries: 1 to repair his back left leg which was mangled and couldn’t touch the ground, it required the placement of a rod, plate and 10 screws to repair along with an extended period in a cast and physical therapy, 1 to remove a large hardened growth on this chest, and 1 for a hernia/fluid buildup in his abdomen. Whew! Meeting him you would never guess he’s been through so much. He is always happy, playful, and cuddly and has carried us through some of our toughest times. He is our best friend.

The RV

We have a Winnebago Travato 59G, a class B RV that is more van-like than the typical large Class A RV most people visualize – but still has all the perks of an RV like a bed, shower, toilet, kitchen, refrigerator, TV, dinette, and storage. We chose this type of RV for the following reasons:

  1. Fits in a regular sized parking spot – So we don’t have to store it anywhere when we are home and we can “stealth” camp for free anywhere with overnight parking.
  2. Has a solar panel on top – Again, this helps with us not having to worry about being plugged in somewhere. We can park it in the middle of a city or on a secluded beach as long as there is sun to charge our batteries.  
  3. Has good storage – This allows us to not only bring Tony’s road bike along, but also our leisure folding bikes which we use to explore new areas.

Obviously, there was much more thought that went into choosing the right RV, but these are the top 3 things we thought about when starting our search. We are still very new to the RV world to we are excited to keep learning and take it out for more extended adventures.