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Colorado Road Trip: Colorado Springs & Red Rock Canyon

The next stop on our 2 week Colorado road trip was Colorado Springs! After settling into our site, we took some time to explore downtown Colorado Springs and, what came to be one of our favorite hiking spots of the entire trip, Red Rock Canyon!

Downtown Colorado Springs proved to be as quaint as we had heard. A rainy afternoon there was spent walking the main strip and window shopping the souvenir stores and boutiques. Of course no time in the city would be complete without visiting a pet shop for Chewy to pick something out and play with new friends.

As Colorado is well known for its hiking and outdoor scene, our next adventure was at Red Rock Canyon – a 789-acre dog-friendly city park filled with hiking trails that weave through eroded canyons and sandstone rock.

We headed out with a backpack full of snacks, water, and our trusty canine compadre after figuring out what routes to hike. Chewy led the charge through the eroded terrain, hiking between tall grass and towering boulders. A lot of time was spent stopping to take pictures as the landscape was truly beautiful and different from every angle.

The trails we hiked were more primitive and sparsely marked, making navigation a bit of challenge, but also a fun way for us to take in everything around us. After seeing a Bear sign we decided to kick our hike into higher gear until we found a trail that was better marked. The idea of turning a corner and seeing a bear was not something any of us were fond of, especially with little bite-sized Chewy in tow. The trails continued and we made our way through some densely forested brush until we finally found another marker. We were on the right trail! I gave full credit to Sarah’s excellent sense of direction and sense of adventure, instilled in her by her adventurous parents.

At the end of the trail we found ourselves at one of the highest points in the park, allowing us to see Downtown Colorado Springs and Garden of the Gods in the distance. Sarah picked Chewy up so he could see the view, a practice I think he enjoys. He looked around and took it all in, staring off and taking deep breaths. Before heading down we decided to FaceTime Sarah’s Dad who has visited this area many times. He was bummed he couldn’t join us on our trip but enjoyed sharing the view from the top of Red Rock Canyon overlooking the city.

We ended our day near a calm and clear lake at the bottom of the canyon and decided this was our favorite hike to date.


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