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Colorado Road Trip: Garden of the Gods

It was time for us to leave Colorado Springs and head to our next city on this 2-week trip – Denver. But before arriving, we made one major stop at Garden of the Gods. When we initially mentioned this trip to family members, the first suggestion we got was to visit Garden of the Gods – a 1300-acre public park with towering boulders and rock formations with miles upon miles of hiking trails. The fact that the park admission is free and they allow dogs was a huge plus!

Our first stop was the Visitor’s Center. Inside they have a cafeteria, educational stations, and a souvenir shop. After picking up a few fun items we were able to talk to a guide and figure out the best route for us to take, considering we wanted to see as much as we could with the time we had. Mapping out the best driving route in order to see the whole park first, then showing us where to park so we could hike and see some of the rock formations up close was the best approach to enjoying this massive park. With map in hand and a backpack full of snacks, we hit the trails.

After our initial pass through the park gasping at massive boulders and red monoliths, we found the perfect spot to park the RV and begin our exploration on foot. It didn’t take long for the “oooos” and “ahhhs” to begin. The beautiful blue sky and open green fields were the perfect backdrop for these rock formations. Chewy seemed to be enjoying himself as much as we were, taking in all the new smells and running down trails and through fresh green grass.

Each of the trails we hiked were so unique and beautiful it was hard to believe they were all connected to the same park. There were a few more touristy areas with sidewalks where you could watch people rock climbing and repelling off some of the large boulders. From those central areas led gravel trails leading to hallmark formations like the “Siamese Twins” where you can get a clear view of Pike’s Peak in the distance. Some trails were even wide enough for horses to make their way through and, like true Texans, we couldn’t help but stop the riders so we could pet their horses.

We finished off our hike before it got dark so we could arrive in Denver by dinner, or at least before Tony got hungry again… #storyofourlives


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