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Savannah, Georgia

After our successful Atlanta trip the month prior, we were eager to discover another beautiful Georgia city – Savannah! We pulled into the Savannah Visitor Information Center parking lot bright and early Saturday morning and claimed our parking space (for those of you who don’t know, the Visitor Center offers cheap, and sometimes free, overnight RV parking!).

We decided the best way to start our visit would be through a “Savannah Dan Walking Tour“. Dan is well known around Savannah and is easy to spot as he is well over 6 feet tall and wears a crisp white seersucker suit with a matching hat. Very Southern. The entire downtown portion of Savannah is broken up with over 20 “squares” of green space. Each square has its own monument and history – of which we would have never known if it weren’t for Savannah Dan.

Savannah Dan Tour
Downtown Square

Downtown Square
Instagram picture – @officialforeverendeavor: The one and only, Savannah Dan

We also walked by the Colonial Park Cemetery, which was established in 1750. Amongst the citizens buried were victims of the 1820 Yellow Fever epidemic and the Dueling era (1740-1877). The cemetery also housed Federal troops during the Civil War, during which time many of the graves were looted and desecrated by Union soldiers. Headstones were used for target practice, moved to accommodate sleeping tents, and even had their dates scratched out or changed. Isn’t that crazy??? In an attempt to preserve the history of those who are buried there, the brick walls of the cemetery are now lined with the headstones that were moved and now whose original location cannot be determined.

Colonial Park Cemetery

By this time, it was hot. Really f**king hot. Why we decided to visit Savannah in May is a question neither of us were able to clearly answer. In an attempt to push past the oncoming heat wave we walked to shaded Forsyth Park. Luckily, there were lots of beautiful tree-lined streets and architecturally interesting homes to distract us on the way.

Forsyth Park
Forsyth Park

After cooling off on a bench for awhile Tony gave me one of his I’m-hot-and-hungry-and-my-fast-metabolism-is-eating-me-from-the-inside looks so we made a stop at the Mirabelle Cafe for some of their famous waffles! AC + carbs + sugar = exactly what we needed. We ordered the Peach Cobbler waffle (obviously) and they graciously allowed us to sit inside with Chewy so we could stay in AC! They also introduced Chewy to his first pup-uccino and I could have died from the cuteness. Customer service off the freakin charts.

Mirabelle Cafe
Mirabelle Cafe
Instagram picture – @officialforeverendeavor: Chewy’s first pup-uccino!
Instagram picture – @officialforeverendeavor: A happy boy enjoying some AC!

The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering the SCAD buildings (The Savannah College of Art and Design), shops along River Street, boutiques scattered through downtown, and the famous Leopold’s Ice Cream Shop. Basically, any excuse to escape from the horrible heat and enjoy some AC for awhile. I should also mention that, although the cobble stone streets are hella-cute, they get REALLY hot during the day. This meant that Chewy had to be carried the rest of the afternoon by yours truly. Tony was too busy carrying our heavy backpack filled with water bottles and whatever else we thought was a necessity for some reason. #whatwerewethinking

Instagram picture – @officialforeverendeavor: SCAD Gallery where you can buy works of art from students and teachers!
Wolf Gang Dog Bakery
St. John the Baptist Cathedral
We found a monument dedicated to the Haitian soldiers who fought in the American Revolution – obviously Tony had to get a picture with!

River Street
River Street
Instagram picture – @officialforeverendeavor: River Street
Instagram picture – @officialforeverendeavor: The Savannah Bee Company eating honey samples!
Instagram picture – @officialforeverendeavor: The Savannah Bee Company, they allow dogs inside to sample the honey too!

Leopold’s Ice Cream was…just okay. I’m pretty sure a bunch of people will TOTALLY disagree with me but we just weren’t WOW-ed. We are biased towards a small ice cream shop in St. Petersburg, Florida that we think is the absolute best, so we compare everything to it. Maybe next time we will try better flavors or something. At a minimum, it felt nice to eat cold ice cream and cool off in one of downtown’s squares before heading back to our RV that evening.

What is this sneaky face Chewy is making? He is the happiest pup ever!

We left Sunday morning after a sweaty night sleeping in the RV…making vows to each other that we won’t do any more hot summer trips in the van, LOL.

Thanks for checking in with us. Sometimes our trips don’t turn out exactly how we envision them, but we have a lot of fun figuring it out. Until next time!

~ Sarah

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